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What is Futsal?

Kent Elite are excited to now offer, 

Futsal sessions for ages 6-16!

Futsal is an exciting, fast paced form of the game that originates in South America.  Played on hard pitches with small-sided teams, Futsal places emphasis on technical skill in restricted spaces.

The ball is smaller and heavier than a normal ball, meaning play usually stays on the ground.  While many become Futsal specialists, others just enjoy playing to improve their technique and control.

Kent Elite Futsal Academy

Wednesday (ages 6-10) 5pm-6pm at Wilmington Academy, Common Lane, Dartford, DA2 7DR

Wednesday (ages 11-16) 6pm-7pm at Wilmington Academy, Common Lane, Dartford DA2 7DR

Parallel Lines

Limited spaces available!

Sign up now to avoid disappointment

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