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KENT ELITE are fully committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals operating in accordance with the statutory legislation outlined within the Data Protection Act 1998. In doing so we are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of data provided to us. Any decisions for the disclosure, retention or disposal of information are made in line with relevant legislation. We recognise that the first priority under the Data Protection Act 1998 is to avoid causing harm to individuals. On this basis we keep information securely in the right hands, maintain the quality of the information and retain or dispose information as appropriate. Information about our personnel, learners and other individuals will only be used in line with established regulations. Personal data will be collected, recorded and used fairly, stored safely and securely and not disclosed to any third party unlawfully. This also includes sensitive information such as ethnic background, political opinions, religious beliefs, health, sexual health and criminal records. It is ultimately the responsibility of the director, Karl Thompson, to ensure that this policy is published, accessible and implemented across all personnel, learners and by any relevant third parties. However, the Qualification Coordinators (QCs) specific to each qualification are responsible for ensuring this information is fully understood by their qualification team and also by the learners who commence courses/ programmes in their area.

Often Kent Elite run team fixtures and team matches where by contact numbers may be used in group organisation messaging, we ask that guardians aprove this prior to joining Kent Elite Scouting Academy.

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