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Talent Id

What are Talent ID events about??

Talent ID days are an event we put together once or twice a year, we invite scouts from all the pro clubs to attend. Players are put into relevant age categories and set various tasks to help demonstrate and identify those players with stand out ability that have gone under the radar of scouts to date.

This is a great opportunity for many young players that may have started their football journey a little later or for those that simply have improved and gone unnoticed.

Kent Elite is selective over those put forward to the Talent ID day, it is important that children are pushed at their own speed and therefore children that we feel are at a capable level are invited to attend.

Parallel Lines

2023 Talent Id Success

This years Kent Elite Scouting Academy was a great success, with 20 pro club scouts in attendance and 25 children scouted!


 Check out the highlights in below recap:

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