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Best of The Best!

Over the last few years girls football has thankfully become very popular, we love this and therefore have set up an academy just for girls development.


We have recently had three of our Kent Elite girls signed to Pro clubs!

We look forward to more girls joining Kent Elite.

Kent Elite Girls Academy

Thursday 5pm : 6.30pm Sevenoaks

Girls Academy News

Parallel Lines
Come Join Our New Girls Academy!
Our new girls Development and Elite Academy, opens on Thursday evenings in Sevenoaks between 5pm:630pm, we invite girls aged between 7 and 15 to attend, all are welcome to sign up for a free trial.
The main focus of training is to improve technical ability of players, working on; ball manipulation, touch direction, speed, passing & receiving the ball.  Our main aim is to improve game understanding, confidence and decision making.
Once players advance to a high level of game understanding they will be given regular opportunities to showcase to professional & semi-professional clubs, enter tournaments and other Kent Elite events held regularly throughout the year.
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